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Can’t wait. Hmm.

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I just feel like posting these photos. Haha. >:D

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While sorting some stuffs on the internet, my niece tried to braid my hair and it ended up like this. :) Haha. Bano ako.

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It’s been a ‘fuck yeah’ month. It felt like everything that had happened was surreal. 

I learned a few things, hmm, I mean A LOT. 

Me and my boyfriend still argue about everything. Well, I think that’s normal. Everything that we’re going through is just so normal. People think he’s an ordinary guy, he’s a pain-in-the-ass-boyfriend, but swear…he’s a very nice guy. So yeah, we’re okay, we’re fine, our relationship is getting tougher and stronger. 

I had my training in Manila last week for a station manager. I had fun travelling alone, I learned a lot in just a week, met different kinds of people, saw an ex-artist who’s working in a gas company, met a person who’d worked at several huge company in the country, and I actually passed the examination for this training. 92%? Not bad, right? :D I felt very awesome that time when I discovered the result of my exam. Ugh. Didn’t believe I’m gonna pass that exam because I really didn’t study. So yeah, got certificate. :D

Right now, I’m busy working. Gotta earn lots of money so that I can buy stuffs I wanted to buy soooo bad! XD

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Hurley shirt + Pizza Hut + Slimming coffee = :)

This kind of a relationship:

Where you are comfortable with each other

When you look funny together

You wear the same outfit

Play videogames together

Do crazy stuff together

Always down to cuddle

You may have been fighting the whole day but the end of the day you’re like

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